Earlobe Repair

What is earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure for people with stretched earlobes as a result of a ‘tribal’ ear piercing, also known as a flesh tunnel. Tribal ear piercing is performed by gradually increasing the diameter of the piercing in the earlobe with progressively increased diameter rings. Split Earlobe Repair is an additional procedure that Dr. Anup K Nangia  provides for an earlobe which has torn entirely, as a result of overstretching or accidental tearing.

Why have earlobe repair?

When the earlobe is stretched to more than 8mm with a tribal ear piercing, it is unlikely that the hole will fully contract to its original size. This results in an abnormally shaped earlobe which is often difficult to hide with hair, especially for men with shorter hairstyles. If you feel that your stretched or split earlobes are affecting your appearance, social life and career,  Dr. Anup K Nangia can provide the solution.

Procedure details

Tribal Ear Piercing Correction is performed under local anaesthetic and typically takes 20-30 minutes per earlobe.  It involves removing the excess tissue and using fine internal and external stitches in the earlobe to create a normal shape.


After surgery

After your earlobe repair surgery there will be small scars on the ears which will at first be red, but will eventually fade to a pale silvery colour. After 4-6 months the earlobe should look almost completely normal with no obvious signs of the previous piercing.