PRP Therapy

Prp therapy

Do you ever see lots of hair in the drain after showering? Do you fear of going bald? Opt for PRP Therapy in Delhi at Kashyap Skin Clinic, Dwarka, New Delhi today! In recent days, snowballing number of individuals is suffering from the issue of hair loss. Hair is a statement of self-confidence and the volume of hair reflects one’s persona.

However, when hair loss befalls, individuals really run low in confidence and this affects the overall persona as well. Males and females of all ages are suffering from this terrible problem today. There are many causes for which loss occurs. At the same time, there are also several treatment options available. Platelet rich plasma therapy is one such option and studies reveal that this treatment certainly help in treating hair fall problems. Kashyap Skin Clinic offers pioneering treatment of PRP treatment for hair loss in Delhi.

What is PRP?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is processed blood plasma, a concentration of plasma with platelets from where red blood cells and white blood cells are taken out. This concentration of PRP taken from the patient’s own blood is vaccinated into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Why this platelet is so imperative for human being is because of the fact that it encompasses the active growth factors and cytokines that profoundly help to stimulate the hair growth, thus helping the scalp to grow hairs again.

The procedure

The first and the primary step of the PRP therapy in Delhi encompass taking the blood sample from the patient’s body. So as to retrieve the plasma from the blood, it is then centrifuged in such a way that only enriched cells of platelets are left behind. These extracted platelet rich plasma (PRP) is vaccinated into the scalp of the patient or it is applied to the affected regions only. After the PRP is introduced in the affected area of the scalp, it begins stimulating growth in the hair follicle by stimulating stem cells and also the other cells that are around the vicinity of the hair follicles. In addition to this, it also kindles inactive hair follicles; consequently, it also falls under the stage of active growth. Like this, it works to grow new hair in your scalp and encourage the sedentary hair follicle to grow as well.

An enormous number of people have profited by using the treatment of platelet rich plasma for hair loss. To know more, you can visit Kashyap Skin Clinic today!

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